step out of your regular environment, just for a second, and see where your heart takes you.

my heart brought me to houston to see a friend. ugh, houston is not my favorite. i moved here when i was 20 to finish college at the Art Institute of Houston. i was here because here is where i was doing the work. the moment i was done with my degree, i moved away.

i arrived here in houston last night around 7pm. immediately, i remembered what my 21 year old self realized so long ago — this place is OFF. i couldn’t put my finger on it years ago but i called it “cementland” which is, in essence, the foundation of why the moment i arrive here i feel OFF.

cement puts a barrier between you and the earth beneath your feet. the “off” that i feel is the severed connection between me and the Earth. i just realized this and realized how important it has been to me my whole life whether i realized it or not. i NEED the Earth, i need to touch it and feel it and breath it… OFTEN.

whether it’s in the subconscious, the unconscious or in full awareness, your body needs to know that the Earth is near. your body needs to touch it to recharge. your body needs to breathe it to feel alive. your body needs the earth to LIVE.

last weekend i received a message that a guy i went to college with here in houston is in the ICU and shit doesn’t look good. i asked my people, “can you cover for me?” and they said yes so here i am. in houston. in cementland. surrounded by dis-EASE.

disease isn’t necessarily something that attacks you. disease happens when your body falls out of sync with it’s usual contented state of “ease”. imbalance within yourself IS dis-ease. imbalance between you and the world around you is disease. anything that keeps you from the truth, the roots, the most natural state of you, can create disease in your life and in your body.

i came here to feel something, but right now, i just feel sad. i came to be with my friend and that’s all i’m really here to do. everything else that bubbles up is bonus.

let me be clear, i don’t think that all my people here in houston are sick because of the cementland BUT… i don’t think it’s helping. disease can find anyone, anywhere at anytime. it’s so so so much bigger than this. this is just what i’m writing about today.

if you’re here, i’m not bragging like i live in a “better” place, i’m noticing that where i live, i feel much more connected and THAT enables more ease in my life.

there is a lot on my mind right now, but this is all that is willing to pour out of my fingerstips.