Patterns make order out of the chaos that arises in life. Sacred geometry reveals the patterns underneath the surface of all on Earth. Consciousness reveals the patterns within ourselves, within our habits, within our daily lives. We exist as an accumulation of patterns within and without.

An attention-rich life will allow you to see and to accept the patterns that exist in the world around you. An intention-rich life will allow you to gain control over the patterns that arise within your thoughts, words, and actions.

A pattern is a pattern because it repeats—the cycle comes back around over and over. Like a wave has crests and troughs. Like seasons continuously flow from one to the next. Like the life cycle of living beings.

Every little detail within your thoughts, words, and actions flows in this way. The more awareness you have of yourself, the more intention you put behind your thoughts, words, and actions, the more you come to understand and work the patterns that make you tick. If you can see, you can become aware. If you become aware, you can become intentional. If you become intentional, you can create. If you create, you can bear witness to the patterns and all that is possible.

Do you create your life or does your life create you? Ponder this. Make time to ponder this…

Are the circumstances within your life hindering you, depleting you, keeping you from happiness or holding you back? Or— Are the circumstances within your life revealing your inner truth to you daily? Do they present limitless enrichment and beauty for you to see? Do the circumstances of your life encourage you to grow?

Do you experience your emotions in a way that gracefully reveals to you the impact of what you’re going though? Do your emotions butt up against the people in your life or cause discomfort as well as conflicts within your relationships?

Does your connection to the spirit within you lead your way towards living with purpose, living with intention, living a creation of your own making for more than yourself, your family or your friends? Or — Does your disconnection from spirit create a bland existence for your life, void of purpose outside of providing for and being supportive of your family and friends. Does the spirit within guide you into the light, or do you live in the dark?

Seasons change year to year, waves change with the wind, your patterns change whether you mean to make them or not. Change is inevitable. Are you riding the waves of change to make shift happen or just letting it push you along as if it is all out of your control?