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your conscious awareness is the on switch for your internal guidance system. the more consciously aware of yourself you are, the more truth will be revealed within yourself. the more you intentionally align your thoughts, words, and actions into harmony with your personal truth, the more authentic you will find yourself to be.

depending on how consciously aware you are, you can make realizations about yourself seemingly every day. each day you live with those realizations from yesterday, you live with what you’ve learned of yourself in the past, and you live with the potential for you to learn more about yourself today.

think of all the ways you butt up against yourself each and every day. look at that habit you’ve formed out of convenience and look at how you know it doesn’t align with the conscious awareness you’ve put into the intention of who you aim to be, but change is overwhelming and hard. it’s easier to try not to think about the things that are not in alignment. it’s easier to ignore or to talk about how you need to change than to actually put effort into something different.

just knowing your behavior isn’t in alignment with whom you aim to be IS conscious awareness. knowing is a seed planted. it may take years for words and actions to follow suit, but knowing IS something. pay attention to what you know but choose not to speak of or act on. BUT not as a way of overwhelming yourself with all of the shortcomings within yourself that you wish to change. pay attention just to become familiar with the things that exist. notice what irks you the most about yourself. become more consciously aware of what rises to the surface needing your attention sooner than later.

many people die here never moving further along the path of growth and awakening. knowing is the foundation for knowledge, but knowing is not enough to power awakening. to live long and all-but-prosper in your knowing, prolong this leg of the journey by ignoring the thing you know. stuff down that information like it doesn’t exist. numb your feelings of betraying yourself and you may solve your problem of knowing too much—until you sober back up and feel your truth again. the bottom line is, you can’t escape knowing. you can learn to live with it, but you cannot un-know.

moving along the inevitable path after coming to know the thing… at some point, you will speak of the thing. you will speak of the observations you’ve made, of what you have become consciously aware of in yourself, and then you will speak of your intentions moving forward, but you’re actions have yet to fall inline. this, speaking about intentions is absolutely necessary to enable growth and awakening as it establishes your aim OUT LOUD and enables someone to hold you accountable for yourself.

this stage of speaking your intentions without acting on them can drive you to act now, OR can last for a very very long time. some people even get stuck here. the idea-man perpetually lives here. look closely at the aims you speak of and for how long you’ve had that particular aim. no amount of time to aim without action is good or bad, right or wrong, just look at what is, and become more consciously aware. perhaps you’ll come to hear yourself sounding like a broken record and that simple annoyance of your own behavior can fuel your engines to get a move on.

cognitive thinking and clear communication are the foundation of your awakening but when your behavior does not match the vibration of what’s within, there will be conflict, a major obstacle keeping you from becoming whom you intend to be. stay here too long and you will make yourself sick.

the place of ultimate embodiment, the hands-down, most effective way of becoming you—authenticity at it’s purest—arises when what you think, what you say, and how you behave align. from your first realization to manifesting a revised self into reality, when you are fully you—you will find you are fully submerged in the process of becoming—the journey of awakening.

to be a student in search of who you are right now is the souls journey, the journey of the consciousness—it is the point of being human. reveal from the depths of yourself more than light, love, and joy. see the unseen in your own darkness, explore the depths of your own experiences with suffering and become more authentically you by feeling the full spectrum of your experience from love to fear, joy to pain, and all that lies between.

awaken, human, to the truth of who you are and how you came to be here. live your story, witness your existence, and reveal all that is beautiful