i know this is a little long, but if you hang in there, it gets really interesting…

we are here, humans alive on earth, by way of divine intention. we are made conscious, and through that consciousness, we all have our very own connection to divine intention. many people call this connection “accessing your higher self” which is beautifully articulated because you are not separate from the conscious collective however the only way for you to access the source consciousness is through the divine intention within you.

for years, I’ve made a conscious intention to connect deeper to the underpinnings of earth, of humans, of creation and of god. i’ve learned so much, i’ve even found a purpose in my life by helping people connect more deeply with themselves, but i can’t stop digging deeper to the roots of how we humans got into this mess, or what kind of karma our species have themselves tangled up in.

i’ve tried meditation, i’ve tried drugs, i’ve tried hypnosis, and even tried a “psychic development course”. all of these roads sent me in the right direction but also sent me wandering without true intention.

recently, i’ve discovered the path that i’ve been seeking for the last 7 years. i’m now on the yellow brick road, making my way to the center, to the beginning, to the curtain veiling all truth.

coincidentally, it was about 7 years ago that i read a trilogy of books called “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman. you may have heard of the first book, “The Golden Compass”, because they made it into a movie.

the main character in the first book is a young girl who is given a “golden compass” known as an alethiometer. she is given the device in a hasty exchange without explanation except that it tells the truth, and to keep it a secret. in the the book, the scholars have studied and written many in-depth books about the alethiometer. reading the device is a skill that few in existence have.

the young girl however, has taught herself to read it without any teaching outside of her guts and intuition. she becomes so well versed in the tools language it becomes an extension of her. she becomes both the force and the conduit from which the energy of truth flows through her as well as the device.

her explanation about how she reads the alethiometer is intriguing and peculiar. the way she describes it is a little bit like meditation. she says she has to put her mind in a specific state, one that isn’t in thought, nor creatively focused, but somewhere in this blurry unidentified place within it all. [those are my words, from what i remember of the story.]

what i really want to share with you is . . . i’ve found my very own alethiometer, in the form of a pendulum. imagine a small 1 inch cube of wood shaped into a bulbous teardrop with a well-defined point. the point of the teardrop points down and a chain is secured to the opposite end vertically leading up to another much smaller wood ball to hold the chain from.

i dangle this pendulum a half inch or less over a piece of paper with a circle of letters and numbers printed on it. there’s a tiny dot at the center i keep the pendulum hovering over at all times, and there are lines, like sun rays, radiating from a small open circle around that center point to the corresponding letters or numbers printed larger away from the center point. as the pendulum swings, it spells things out.

i know i keep saying “about 7 years ago” but that really is the time when i bought my first pendulum. i never could get it to work very well even asking simple yes and no questions. but now, i’ve finally come to the right state of mind and spirit to be able to use the pendulum with relative ease to receive messages.

nearly every day since i received it in july i have used it, played with it, practiced my craft with it. i love testing it’s limits and looking for it’s boundaries. it’s a device i use to speak with my higher self. i’m always speaking through and receiving messages from my higher self. i’ve read that’s why it’s a trusted tool by psychics because the information doesn’t come from somewhere outside of yourself.

but, what’s crazy is, my higher self has access to things, and people, and past that i am consciously unable to access. i begin by asking a yes or no question to engage like, “may i ask my higher self…” usually the answer is yes, but sometimes it’s a no. when i asked if i can connect with god it said no. same answer for angels. then when i asked if my higher self can ask a certain other person’s higher self for a message sometimes it says yes, sometimes it says no. the people it says no to are closed to this hippy-dippy shit, and therefore closed off from connection.

i’ve learned i can ask pets who have passed away for messages. i’ve received messages from my own dogs that have died and messages from other people’s animals for them. i can also ask passed people for messages. i’ve been audacious enough to ask for messages from loved ones who have died, for me to give their surviving significant others. i can access messages about my own past lives but no one else’s.

the first time i asked for a message from my higher self i received “You fill a big hole in this world. Past, present, and future.”

i asked “what do I use this pendulum for?”
the pendulum responded “Your world. Help others see love truly. Very important.”

i asked for a message from my friend’s 2-year old to help her soothe her back to sleep in the middle of the night when she wakes up. i need to ask her if that worked at all.

i’ve learned it’s best not to ask about the future. the future is unclear and always changing. inquiring about the present, about things right now seems to be very beneficial for many people, myself included.

one of the coolest messages i’ve received was…

I am asking my higher self to connect with every other soul in the US willing to be open to me for them all to give me a message for all of us.

Trust in humanity.
Understand that more are influenced by light than dark.
Far more awake than you ever could imagine.
Politics in line with evil energy.
Higher frequencies will conquer the earth soon.
Have faith.
Trust faith is enough.
Trust you are not going as they say.
Go your own way.
Trust your heart to guide you.
Trust in humanity.

my most recent ask from the world collective was…

I’d like to tap into every single soul in the world now who is open to me. Please give me a collective message to share.

Now is the time to fight for a human’s free will.

Advice on how to do that?

Exercise no over and over.

i’ll leave you with this that I asked today…

Please give me a message from my highest self to share.

Love is unifying righteous humans. Fear is questioning human nature.

What is human nature?

What we do from a place of instinct

What is evil?

High moral superiority

What is human?

Play. Playfulness with consciousness. Playtime for spirit.

call me crazy but… i believe it speaks truth.

love, V.