you’re human. you have this inherent ability to constantly learn but are you learning what is necessary for your own growth and prosperity? there is so much to learn about you physically, mentally and spiritually that it could take an entire lifetime — or more realistically, lifetimeS. so is this “practice” of learning about yourself a priority in your life’s work?

you learn whether you’re aware or not. first, you learn how to control your body, how to walk, cry, eat sleep. then you learn how to talk, how to communicate and how to manipulate. if you’re lucky, something in your life will lead you to learn about your connection to it all and your place here on earth.

maybe one day, you wake up and realize you like learning about the mysteries of you and jump on the fast track to a deeper understanding of you.

with physical practices like movement, yoga, body control, breathing, and nervous system training, you can learn loads about your body, about your health, about your resiliency, and about your own dis-ease.

through mindful practices like meditation, yoga, writing, talking to a therapist, or creating art, you can learn so much about what makes you tick, what your heart beats for and what has you tied down.

within your moving and mindful practices, a spiritual practice is born. in my opinion, it’s not really a thing you set out to practice, it just appears like magic while you practice. it’s just like this smokey air that blows through, makes everything sticky (in the fertile sense) and binds you to your practices with curiosity and passion.

time is all you really have to give — to yourself, to the things you love, and to the people you want in your life.

when you practice movement, mindfulness, and as a result, spirituality, you put TIME into YOU. if you lack discipline, find your drive hidden within everything you practice. it’s in that endless curiosity and passion that is created through explorative study. your drive to keep going, to keep practicing, and to keep doing the hard work, is in you — and it’s only revealed when YOU spend your TIME on your PRACTICE.

Perhaps the whole point of life is just that… Spend. Time. Practicing. Being. Human.

Sometimes the truth is a sneaky bitch. Love, V