i’m deep in the practice of letting things unfold.

sure, i’m applying a little force here and there but then i’m intentionally stepping back and letting things be while i observe the energy of this world and the universe.

this “letting things be” is a BIG balancer in my life. i used to be a perfectionist, control freak but i honestly ran out of energy for it the older i got and the more i grew out of old habits.

just like giving and receiving complete the circle, the same goes for effort and ease. your life must consist of both Yin and Yang to be complete, to be content, to be truly fulfilling.

between the Yoga studio and my yoga teacher training course that starts in a month, there is a TON of effort going in. but i recognize this, and i consciously pause and let things show me how they are meant to be. i push, and watch the direction things roll. i play, and feel the impact in my heart. i explore, and learn from everything that arises.

i believe simply sitting in observation is one of the most important daily practices a human needs to thrive. like alan watts says, “if you’re constantly thinking, then you have nothing to talk about but your own thoughts.” there is infinitely more to life than what is in your own head. see what is, and you will witness the most beautiful things in life.

Alan Watts also talks about how putting effort into your own liberation is futile, check it out. it is my experience, that the greatest accomplishments of my life were not the direct result of my efforts. no, my GREATEST accomplishments have come to be through the perfect balance of my efforts and my observations.

it is my hope that through my sharing this, you may be able to observe your own thoughts, words and actions to reveal which you need more of to balance your own life: effort or observation.

i appreciate you, and your support by reading what i write. it’s one of my favorite things in life: writing down the process as i learn and grow.

words from my heart, Veazey