Yoga Class Schedule: Salina, KS

Tuesdays @ 1pm/Yin/Salina YMCA

Thursdays @ 1pm/Yin/Salina YMCA

Thursdays @ 6pm/Vinyasa/AWIP Great Life

Fridays @ 8am/Vinyasa/AWIP Great Life

Saturdays @ 9am/Vinyasa/AWIP Great Life

My Yoga Practice

What my yoga practice may look like…

  • Imperfectly aligned
  • Increasing strength and flexibility
  • A moderately consistent flow of breath
  • Easily distracted
  • "Attempted" inversions
  • Crashes from so-called "attempted" inversions

What my yoga practice really is…

  • Acceptance that I am and that I always will be... a work in progress
  • A chance to sit with, feel, and honor my daily strengths and weaknesses rather than struggle to push myself farther than I'm ready to go in the moment
  • To breathe in the experience, accept it for what it is, and surrender to the things I cannot change
  • My greatest teacher is exposed reminding me that all of the knowledge I need, I can find within
  • The things I teach usually come to me during my own practice and are usually things, I myself, am working on or a lesson I need to remember

From Practicing to Teaching

My own personal practice is reflected in the classes I teach. This practice involves mind, heart and breath - our keys to life on earth. I believe life is about the connections we make while we're here and the marks we leave behind. My goal is to inspire you to unlock the door to your soul, to let yourself be free and to connect with the world around you.

Yoga is an act of "receiving love" from you. You must receive your own love, your own acceptance, your own compassion (on and off the mat) before you can receive these things from other people. Giving your practice your focus and attention will take you away from who you're trying to be and bring you towards who you really are. You are courageous and you are incredibly powerful. You are a one of a kind, majestic, divine piece of art. At the root of your being you are full of acceptance, compassion and love. And a full heart, is only a breath away.

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Class Styles

Vinyasa, Flow or Hatha Yoga

This is a more active style of yoga intended to increase strength and flexibility. Cuing movement with the breath, is a tool for connecting mind with body. My style of teaching might be better described as hatha yoga but does include some of the one breath, one movement exercises you will find in a typical Vinyasa class. I believe the poses have much to teach us and moving from moment to moment, pose to pose in a slow and mindful manner, enables listening to all there is to gain.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga aims it's focus on the cold parts of the body: bones, joints, ligaments, & tendons. Helping calm the mind, it strengthens ability for passive thought; great for balancing out, busy-bee lifestyles. Rather than a constant stream of thinking, planning and reflecting — Yin will teach you to simply observe, listen, and receive. It takes practice, but the more you listen, the greater your understanding of what makes your body tick, what causes it pain, and what kinds of unique things soothe and promote healing.

Yin / Yang Flow

Also known as Sol Flow or Slow & Mindful Flow, these classes include both Yin, and it's counter part, Yang (Vinyasa, Flow or Hatha). This is my go-to practice, my teacher, my medicine. Every Yin class will include some active moments and every yang class some passive moments but this class is intended to be a gentle practice without emphasis on either style. In this class there are no rules, no plans and no expectations other than we all show up as we are and move through the moment together.