It empowers me to create things people can only dream up. My fine art and illustration services include custom artwork, drawings, serigraphs, murals, tattoo designs, sculpture, wall decals and more. I love the challenge of untraditional art surfaces, so I'll paint, draw or design on anything you want. Share your vision and dreams with me, I'd love to bring them to life!

Imperfection is Beauty

Illustrated Marilyn Monroe quote

Louisiana Roots

Black ink pen on paper

Chasing Pirates

Black ink pen on paper


Pencil on paper + colored digitally

Packaging for matcha

Pen on paper + colored digitally

Book Cover Art

Pen on paper

Clair de Lune Tattoo

Tattoo ink on forearm


Pencil on paper


Digitally illustrated print

Go For More Walks Illustration

Digitally illustrated and serigraph printed

Book Cover Art

Pen on paper

Balinese Sunset

Pen on paper + photo background

Book Cover Art

Pencil on paper + color added digitally

Recipe for a Full Heart

Pen on paper

Dragon & Phoenix

Black ink pen on paper

SuperFit Family

Paint on sanded down melamine

Me So Honey

Logo for a Honey Blond Ale

Breva CD Packaging Poster

Hand drawn and layered graphically