Howdy! The name's Veazey (vee-zay): Artist, Yoga Teacher & Ambassador of Kindness

who am i?

i’m a human. i’m a conscious human. i feel my feet on the ground and the air i breathe in my nose. i can hear the sound of my own heart. i appreciate the beauty and excellence i see with my eyes and i appreciate all that i can see without my eyes. i see myself in others and i see others in myself. i also have a gift of seeing that enables me to draw or paint a precise replica of a photograph.

i use the cuss out of yoga. i use it as a tool, i use it as exercise, i use it as medicine, i use it to learn about my body, i use it to chill out, i use it to clear my mind, i use it to solve my problems, i use it to gain flexibility, i use it to cure my anxiety, i use it to get myself out of depression, i use it dissolve my cramps, i use it to dull my pain, i use it to teach myself, i use it to teach others, and i even use it to make money.

i am not the author of these words but i share them genuinely, from my heart, “honestly i truly believe there is good in everyone but most are too tired and fearful and stuck in their own little world to see it. to admit it. and i don’t blame them. but it doesn’t change the fact that the good is there.” people are often challenging to accept as they are, i do my absolute best to accept them anyway.

i am actually very shy, a complete weirdo in social situations, and i’ve played the part of the fool many times over but (for no reason i can understand) people still think i’m cool. i have friends spread out over all the places i’ve lived any beyond. i often don’t see these people for years but when i do, we step right back into sync. i value these friendships because i’m very reclusive and i never stay in the same place for long.

i embrace the fact that i am not stuck to the ground like a tree, so i move, whenever it suits me. i’ve lived in Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, California and Kansas. i have memories, and love for, each of these places but i don’t call any of them my home, i’ve learned home truly is where the heart is. and my heart is with my mate, and our dogs, doing what i love to do on a daily basis.

my mate in life who could also be referred to as my arch nemesis, my lover, the source of most of my frustration or my babe, is the polar opposite of me in extreme ways yet our similarities seal the bond between us. with our mutual love for being out in wide open spaces, he got me into hunting, i even own a hunting dog now. i got him into… well… not art, not yoga and he's not into growing things but i like to think the subtler parts of me, have rubbed off onto the subtler parts of him.

to sum it all up, i’m a human, living in Kansas, practicing yoga, teaching yoga sometimes, painting, drawing and creating as much as possible, designing websites or graphics on weekdays, playing in wide open spaces with my mister on weekends, helping others whenever i can, and living life with a very full heart.